Tuesday, 29 June 2010

summer time and the living is easy


Life is good. After the grumps, the sun shines, it is warm and all is well with the world.

Well of course not the english football team. Nuff said.

We have had a fantastic couple of weeks. Social events, music, theatre, tv, reading, music good food and company. Excellent.

So where to start. Alistair and Nicola came up for the weekend and we had a very gentle time, but managed to get ourselves to the Walpole Arms, great food and wine. Huge advantage in that we went in their car!!

Then I had lunch with the Gianfrans, plus ride in the Masseratti, how grown up and growly is that?

Supper with the Wedges, garden perfect.

Tea with the Balls, supper with the Morphews, jolly discussion we were even able to discuss briefly, the unitary thing without a major diplomatic rift.

Carers week, launch at the Forum, High Sheriffs bash, good meetings of pretty well most of the organisations, all going really well despite the challenges.

On Thursday we are off to Yorkshire to meet Ian N. and do some walking.

Sad thing at this point is the sudden illness and death of Kenneth Graham. So sad, to hear of someone who was vibrant in January, when we saw him at Balmoral, and then such a rapid decline. Too terrible to contemplate really.

Anyway to pull ourselves out of too much introspection we are doing France and Spain next week, with Anita Heiss, should be a hoot. Bit worried about Sue and Anita off in the Mini Cooper S, off down through France in a sort of Thelma and Louise road trip, I trust without the same motivation and outcome.

Anyway it is nice to not have to sound off and be happy.

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