Wednesday, 30 December 2009

The Ballad of the Ford Fairlane

T’was on the Parramatta Road,
He found his Ford Fairlane
Could carry quite a load,
But soon he thought, insane.

It seemed so big, so strong,
It was cheap enough
Nothing could go wrong
We know though life gets tough.

You see before he left the city bounds
It stalled in all the heat
With air con off, he heard the horrid sounds
Of an engine that missed its beat...

Cooling down with many stops
Arrived at Kap and Tim’s
The engines crook, the cars a mess
This won’t get you up to Coffs.

It was elbow grease, that did the trick
And up the coast they went
All is not lost thought Nick
But the sales man was quite bent.

A proper look showed all was shot
It stayed garaged in Corumba Road,
Poor Nick and Han were in a spot,
The tension grew, they might explode.

Dear Mat and Fi, said just go
In our little car, a better Ford
So off they went too and fro’.
Beach, Chris and Jodie’s all adored.

And back to Coffs for Christmas Day,
But big decisions they had to take.
What to do? They had to find a way
To ditch the Fairlane, for heavens sake.

At last the time came and all was clear
The old car traded in you know,
But after several bottles of ice cold beer
They bought a car that should now go.

Yes dear reader, it is not big or strong
It is quite small, a petite dancer
But for five years it won’t go wrong
It is a Mitsubishi Lancer.

Thursday, 17 December 2009

Look it is demanding really

I am back in Sydney. Although I am on perpetual holiday it seems to be impossible to get my thoughts together to keep the blog up to date. How do Anita, Nick and the rest do it? So I have decided that, look it is demanding really to be a constant blogger and to have a social and cultural life. On the other hand without the intrusion of such activity I will have little to write about. As it is, there is too much and I dont know where to start.

The last time I wrote I was in England, on a wintry November day. Now here, not there, I am warm and contented.
So much has happened, we have been to Surfers Paradise, to the celebration of Chris and Jodie's wedding. what a party that was. Family, friends, beautiful setting and wonderful people. Would that all life could be like that.

Having said that Surfers is strange because it is two worlds, the world of the beach and serious holidaying mixed with sport, but also a normal world of people living working and going about their business. I guess much of the world is like that but somehow the think strip of land concentrates the people and their jobs and the mind.

We have had some excellent conversations whilst here, with Anita at brekky, with Rob at brekky, with Jo and Rhiannon afternoon tea again! Kevin Sarah and Tim at lunch, Hans for dumplings, Susan Linsey and Ian at supper; Max Annie Susan and RP at supper brekky and for a weekend, later David and Hazel, as well as the other David and Hazel for David's 90th.  And so it goes on, all fascinating intelligent and entertaining people.

We have been to hear Hayden's Creation, with Susie singing at the Opera House,  an opera at the Recital Hall that was superb but i cant remember the title or it was by, other than it was 17th century italian. We have listened to Annabelle Crabbe talk loosely on the subject of Bunny the expat australian in Paris. Annabelle is so bright and amusing and informative she would be the ideal dinner guest,  better than most mega celebs we think. Last but not least was a Review at the Warf, Pennies from Kevin. Yes satire is alive and well and active in Australia, but then to paraphrase Churchill there is a lot to be satirical about.

Since returning the Liberal Party has 'executed' Malcolm Turnbull as leader and appointed Tony Abbott whom is known as the mad monk.

In NSW the Labout party has 'executed' their leader Nathan Rees and appointed Kristina Kennealey. This has not been a popular move, and eveyone seems to believe that she is a lost cause. But as a new expert on Australian affairs, I think she will surprise everyone and deliver change. She certainly already has a distinctly different style.

Anyway to famuly matter, the sad thing is that Beth is not going to be able to get over here for the new year. There seem to be all sorts of reasons for that but I hope that she will be able to do so sooner than later.

Hannah and Nick as can be seen from Nick's blog are having smoe problems of an automative nature and for some reason only known to the NSW government being a qualifed science teacher in the UK does not enable her to teach science here. She has three tertiary qualifications but that is not enough. Now if she was wanting to teach singing or cricket it would be understandable but science, at six form level, hullo!! NSW wake up. Krisitina needs to intervene, on this case alone, as well of course as the Health Service, Community Services and her party, But it would be cool if she started with my daughter and the bastard on the Paramatta Road who knowingly, it seems sold Nick a crap car that barely went after the first 20 miles.

And another thing I cant understand my driving license I can drive almost anything other than an electric car, what is that about??

Anyway I have more or less caught up with the narrative back to reflection next blog and sooner if I can see it as being less demanding really.