Wednesday, 7 April 2010


Look, it is a painful episode in my life. I am very interested in world news and current affairs. However  during a General Election, when the media are trying all they can to find a non existent angle of difference between the main contenders, it is extremely terrible thing to try to watch, listen or about.

No Party is being very honest, there seems to be no more reason to trust them now than there was a few months ago when they all shouted shock horror that colleagues seemed to be abusing the expenses system.

They still do not get it. Any of the it seems to me. How can we trust them when we know there is no money, and they all say they are going to protect front line services. Actually Vince Cable did say that this is not possible. But hell that seems to be the only thing the Lib Dems have some clarity on. I believe that running the country might be more complex even than just managing the economy, however important that is.

How can they not see that we are not fooled. Why do they not understand that is why there is little difference between the polls. Cameron is potentially a hope but he so light weight, yet Osborne makes Cameron look capable by comparison. And as for the Labour Party, it will not do that Brown says time for a change, he has been the Chancellor for all of the period that led up to the crash. It is an unbelievable mess and impossible set of choices for the electorate.

All of this makes me quite depressed. Why does not one of them just say we are going to have to lower our expectations. We can not have it all anymore, at least till the economy gets better.

We should cut defense spending, pull the soldiers out of Afghanistan, reduce the qangos to the basic essentials, reduce our targets in the health service and the tiers of management. SHAs and PCTs. take a sharp look at local government and reduce the tiers there. How can they, in the midst of a crisis consider the reorganisation that means a new unitary authority for Norwich. It will cost millions that simply do not exist. Mad mad mad.

Furious of Norfolk