Wednesday, 30 December 2009

The Ballad of the Ford Fairlane

T’was on the Parramatta Road,
He found his Ford Fairlane
Could carry quite a load,
But soon he thought, insane.

It seemed so big, so strong,
It was cheap enough
Nothing could go wrong
We know though life gets tough.

You see before he left the city bounds
It stalled in all the heat
With air con off, he heard the horrid sounds
Of an engine that missed its beat...

Cooling down with many stops
Arrived at Kap and Tim’s
The engines crook, the cars a mess
This won’t get you up to Coffs.

It was elbow grease, that did the trick
And up the coast they went
All is not lost thought Nick
But the sales man was quite bent.

A proper look showed all was shot
It stayed garaged in Corumba Road,
Poor Nick and Han were in a spot,
The tension grew, they might explode.

Dear Mat and Fi, said just go
In our little car, a better Ford
So off they went too and fro’.
Beach, Chris and Jodie’s all adored.

And back to Coffs for Christmas Day,
But big decisions they had to take.
What to do? They had to find a way
To ditch the Fairlane, for heavens sake.

At last the time came and all was clear
The old car traded in you know,
But after several bottles of ice cold beer
They bought a car that should now go.

Yes dear reader, it is not big or strong
It is quite small, a petite dancer
But for five years it won’t go wrong
It is a Mitsubishi Lancer.

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